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Autumn in Scotland

Scotland has been on my list for quite some time. This autumn I took the chance for a first three-weeks trip to this amazing country.

I started in Edinburgh. What a vibrant city. Great architecture, old and new. And of course lots of nice pubs. When I left the city after nearly a week I realised, that I had been walking more than 20 km through the city – each single day.

Next stop was the area around Glencoe. Unfortunately the weather was quite bad for a few days, even for Scotland. Thus I couldn’t shoot as much as I was hoping. Nevertheless it is a very inspiring area, worth coming back one day.

From Glencoe I was heading north towards Inverness, from which I was exploring both the coast and some inland lochs around.

For the last week I was teaming up with my friends Peter and Steve. Together with a pack of other photographers we were going to Isle of Skye. This amazing island was truly the highlight of the trip. It was really overwhelming and I know that I have to spend a lot more time exploring this iconic island.

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