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Last evening in Dublin

I’m sitting in a nice little pub in the centre of Dublin. For now, this is my last evening in this lively city. Tomorrow I’ll be heading south into Wicklow Mointains. Hurricane Katia has calmed down and went on without any bigger losses. Although it touched Ireland only a little, we had a gale up to 10 Bf even in the city, making walking, or sometimes even standing and taking pictures, a bit challenging.

Besides, weather was quite nice so far. A little rain every now and than is common, but it never lasted long.

Yesterday I took some sightseeing in the city. First spot was the Dublin Famine Memorial on the north bank of the Liffey. The sculpture is a commemorative work dedicated to those more than 2 million Irish people forced to emigrate during the 19th century Irish Famine.

Across the river, on the south bank, you can see the headquarter of the Ulster Bank Group, one of the big banks in Ireland. Seeing the sculpture in the foreground, the view tells you about the long way Ireland took during the past 165 years.

I took the Samuel Becket Bridge and went on towards Temple Bar. With its many bars, restaurants and cafes, this is for sure the most vivid part of the town. Finally, after a late lunch, I had a visit to St. Patricks Cathedral.

Today I had went to Trinity College and had a look to the library and the “Book of Kells”. It is amazing to see how detailed the monks illustrated these book a thousand years ago, with no tool other than their normal pens.

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