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07 Aug 2016
Puffin om Skellig Michael

Puffins on Skellig Michael

One of the highlights of my latest trip to Ireland was a visit to Skellig Michael, a small island about 12 km off the coast.

29 Jul 2016
View from Connor Pass at Sunrise

Phototrip to Ireland

Mid of July I returned to Ireland. This time together with a couple of other photographers and the help of Phase ONE. One week full of shooting, chatting and laughing.

06 Sep 2015

Autumn is coming

With the weather changing the last few days, it is obvious now: Summer is going to leave, and autumn is knocking on the door. This means plenty of interesting opportunities lay ahead of us, just out of the door, waiting to be captured.

18 Jan 2015

Foggy morning

It was a cold and foggy morning today, when I had a walk through the park nearby. Only in the end the sun came through and started to push the fog away.

09 Mar 2014

Nature awakes

Winter was not really hard, and spring already starts. So it’s time for a few shots taken this afternoon on the fields nearby. Kind of sequal to the autumn impressions from last year.

27 Oct 2013

Autumn in the park

It is really incredible. End of October, but the weather is still warm and sunny. I had a short walk through the park yesterday and here are some impressions.