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15 Jan 2018

Soul Effect Concert

A couple of days ago, a friend asked me to join him for a concert of a band called “Soul Effect“, and also asked me to take some photos to support the band.

11 Jun 2017
La Diri at Strassenmusik Festival 2017, Ludwigsburg

Busker Festival 2017

Once every summer there is the Busker Festival in Ludwigsburg. Street musicians from all over the world gather for a three day event in the beautiful park of the “Baroque in Bloom” park. It’s always fun enjoying the music, the mood, the spirit of these bands.

08 May 2016

Schloss Ludwigsburg at night

I used the warm weather of the last days for some blue hour shots at the Residenzschloss Ludwigsburg.

09 Jun 2014

Busker Festival at Ludwigsburg

The guys with the hat are back. I suppose, this was the hottest busker festival ever in Ludwigsburg. Three days (and nights) of music, and each day weather was getting hotter and hotter. It must have been a tough job for all the musicians. But still everyone really had fun. Was a great party, just as always.

13 Oct 2013

Impressions from pumkin festival

The weather was really beautiful today and so I headed to the annual pumkin festival in Ludwigsburg today. As it was very crowded, I didn’t had a real chance for shooting the big sculptures. That’s why I concentrated on small details.

20 May 2013

Street Music in Ludwigsburg

Three evenings, twelve stages, forty bands from five continents: That’s the 10th International Street Music Festival in Ludwigsburg this weekend in the beautiful baroque garden of the Ludwigsburg Palace.

11 Sep 2012

Venetian Flair in Ludwigsburg

Bright sunshine, maskes, costumes, juggler and artists. The market square in Ludwigsburg was once again the arena for a two-and-a-half-days baroque feast of the senses: The Venetian Fair.

12 Sep 2010

A Whiff of Venice

This weekend was again the Venetian Fair in Ludwigsburg. It is a biennial event and for me, this was the first time. It’s really a great event with phantastic costumes and masks, and we had a wonderful late-summer-weather.

05 Sep 2010

City Race Stuttgart 2010

Today, Kornwestheim was under control of cyclists. The 1. RV Stuttgardia Stuttgart has organized the City Race Stuttgart, and the race track lead through Kornwestheim. Reasons enough for me to pick up my camera.