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Category : Photography

23 Jul 2015

In the Ruhr Region

Last week I spent a couple of days in Duisburg to meet a few friends from all over the country. Beeing all photographers, we were shooting all the time and had great fun.

10 May 2015

Färöer Islands in spring

Recently I did a trip to the Färöer Islands together with a party of other photographers. Contrary to all my expectations we were extremely lucky with the weather. Beside the first day it was mainly dry and sunny, with only a very few rains now and then.

29 Mar 2015

Black and White Portrait Shooting

Yesterday I had the chance to attend a photo workshop of Arve Dinda about black and white portrait photography.

14 Mar 2015

Flowers in studio

Recently I did a few studio shots of some flowers. The first few are all taken using just natural light of a cloudy day. The last two are taken with full equipment of remote controlled flash lights, softboxes and reflectors.

18 Jan 2015

Foggy morning

It was a cold and foggy morning today, when I had a walk through the park nearby. Only in the end the sun came through and started to push the fog away.

09 Mar 2014

Nature awakes

Winter was not really hard, and spring already starts. So it’s time for a few shots taken this afternoon on the fields nearby. Kind of sequal to the autumn impressions from last year.

27 Oct 2013

Autumn in the park

It is really incredible. End of October, but the weather is still warm and sunny. I had a short walk through the park yesterday and here are some impressions.

11 Aug 2013

First studio shooting

What do photographers do on a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon? They go into a photo studio, of course. At least, this is what I did yesterday. It was the very first time for me to shoot portraits in a studio.

17 May 2013

Actions and Scripts in Adobe Photoshop

I wrote a small introduction about actions and scripts in Adobe Photoshop today. Every now and then I get asked about tipps for using Photoshop and automization is a popular demand.

05 Oct 2009

In the Schönbuch forest

Last weekend I had a walk in the Schönbuch forest. While enjoying the beautiful weather, I wanted to test my new tripod. So I came back with a few macro photos and panoramas. Hope I will have some more time in near future. Autumn is the best time in the forest.

30 Aug 2009

Waldhausen at Night

I was thrilled by an article in the August issue of NaturFoto about long-exposure night shots. So I took my camera and a tripod last night and walked up to Waldhausen to try it out myself. I wanted to know, how good the image quality would be with such long exposures. To be honest, I was really stunned seeing the results. It was really, really pitch-dark, I nearly couldn’t find my camera in the end. But there was still enough […]

08 Jun 2008

Colorful light at the end of the tunnel

This weekend I’ve tested the current pre-release of the upcoming Firefox 3. One new feature interesting for photographers and web-designers is the support for colormanagement.