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22 Sep 2011

Tour of the Rings – Part 1

From Baltimore I headed west. After a detour to Mizen Head lighthouse, I took the Ring of Beara. The past three days I spent on Kerry Penisula.

19 Sep 2011

First week is over

Meanwhile the first week of vacation is over. Yesterday, I arrived at Baltimore, Co. Cork. The small village located in the south west is famous for its medieval lighthouse, called “Lots wife”. Today I left the car and made a daytrip to Cape Clear Island. From Baltimore, you can reach the island by ferry in about one hour.

13 Sep 2011

Last evening in Dublin

I’m sitting in a nice little pub in the centre of Dublin. For now, this is my last evening in this lively city. Tomorrow I’ll be heading south into Wicklow Mointains. Hurricane Katia has calmed down and went on without any bigger losses. Although it touched Ireland only a little, we had a gale up to 10 Bf even in the city, making walking, or sometimes even standing and taking pictures, a bit challenging.

22 May 2011

Barcelona Panoramas

Today I finally found the time to stich some of the panoramas I made during the trip to Barcelona. Travelling light, I didn’t took my VR-head, but even some multi-row panoramas came out quite well. The photo of the columns is made of four photos, each taken at 50mm.

09 May 2011

Shorttrip to Barcelona

Company outing to Barcelona. Three days exploring one of Europe’s most interesting cities.

02 Nov 2010

A Weekend in Paris

I had a meeting in Paris yesterday. And though I’ve never been there before, I decided to travel already on Friday to get a first glance of the city during the weekend. I spend three full days here, walking all over the city. Exhausting but very interesting and real fun. But way too short for a city like Paris.

12 Sep 2010

A Whiff of Venice

This weekend was again the Venetian Fair in Ludwigsburg. It is a biennial event and for me, this was the first time. It’s really a great event with phantastic costumes and masks, and we had a wonderful late-summer-weather.

05 Sep 2010

City Race Stuttgart 2010

Today, Kornwestheim was under control of cyclists. The 1. RV Stuttgardia Stuttgart has organized the City Race Stuttgart, and the race track lead through Kornwestheim. Reasons enough for me to pick up my camera.

05 Oct 2009

In the Schönbuch forest

Last weekend I had a walk in the Schönbuch forest. While enjoying the beautiful weather, I wanted to test my new tripod. So I came back with a few macro photos and panoramas. Hope I will have some more time in near future. Autumn is the best time in the forest.

30 Aug 2009

Waldhausen at Night

I was thrilled by an article in the August issue of NaturFoto about long-exposure night shots. So I took my camera and a tripod last night and walked up to Waldhausen to try it out myself. I wanted to know, how good the image quality would be with such long exposures. To be honest, I was really stunned seeing the results. It was really, really pitch-dark, I nearly couldn’t find my camera in the end. But there was still enough […]

08 Jun 2008

Colorful light at the end of the tunnel

This weekend I’ve tested the current pre-release of the upcoming Firefox 3. One new feature interesting for photographers and web-designers is the support for colormanagement.