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Tour of the Rings – Part 2

Yesterday I did the final leg of the ring and arrived in Killarney and made a trip into the inner areas of the penisula today. Leaving Killarney, I first headed to Gap of Dunloe, a gorgeous narrow valley within Killarney National Park.

It is not allowed to drive through the valley, but you can have a nice walk. Unfortunately there are lots of tourists here, and of course the well known carriages.

I left the rush of tourists behind and drove towards Ballaghbeama Gap. Coming from the west, you drive through a very narrow, winding road up to the pass. From there you have a beautiful view across the widening valley. It’s not common in Ireland to drive 15 or 20 miles without passing any other car. But just because this quietness I really enjoyed the trip much more than Dunloe Gap.

The last stop was at the Torc Waterfall close to Killarney. With its only 18 meters, the waterfall is not really height, but he is located in a beautiful gorge. Because it’s so close to Killarney, this place is again very crowded.

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