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Colorful light at the end of the tunnel

This weekend I’ve tested the current pre-release of the upcoming Firefox 3. One new feature interesting for photographers and web-designers is the support for colormanagement.

Every ambitious photographer shooting digital or doing scans of analog photos, will sooner or later come to a point where he starts thinking about color management. But up to now, there is one big hole in the workflow: The webbrowser.

At least on Windows or Linux systems, no recent webbrowser supports color management so far. Using a proper color profile could help a bit, but there was no guarantee about how your images will look like on you visitor’s screen.

But there’s hope: One of the many new features of Firefox 3 is the support for color management. Of course, this still does not give you a guarantee as you visitors would have to calibrate their screens. But nevertheless, it is an important step forward towards correct presentation of images on the internet.

So, I’ve checked out the new Firefox 3 today. Short outcome: Color management works as expected. It only has to be activated before: Just enter “about:config” as the address and change the value of “gfx.color_management.enabled” to “true” (you have to double-click it in order to change it), than restart the browser.

The two images below are used for a short test to check the color management. The first image uses the ColorSpin Profile from Hans Jürgen Groß at DeltaE Image Consulting. If your browser does not support color management, the image will look quite awful. The second image ises the sRGB profile, which is quite close to the average screen.

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